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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -Unknown

At her core, Vandi is an artist. Starting out as a writer first, Vandi fell in love with the creative process at a young age. She then went on to study Mass Communication/ Speech Communication in college and founded her own photography business in 1993. Vandi really only began taking pictures to bring depth into her reporting. In 1993, one of her Dads, Steve Wagner, allowed her to use his Nikon during her travels across Europe. He excitedly discussed focus, f-stops and rule-of-thirds. All she eventually needed to realize her true passion. So in 1995, Vandi switched over to photography full time and has never looked back. She uses her photography to make her artwork. Her passion for design to create usable business solutions with her graphics and her photography is just an outlet of her first true love. 

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